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basque shirts (Indigo & Silk needlepunch) Ordered product - 2nd delivery -

basque shirts (Indigo & Silk needlepunch) Ordered product - 2nd delivery -

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At first glance, it looks like an ordinary Basque shirt, but it's nothing like that.

This is the brand that was born for the first time this time, but until now, this artist was making works only for himself and his friends.

When I saw myself wearing this basque shirt, I asked for the unreasonableness of wanting the product to be commercialized immediately.

Two years have passed since then, but I can finally show it to everyone.

This time, it is a basque shirt with two completely different processes in one type.

This product is a double-layered shirt, so it is suitable for autumn and winter seasons.

Basque Shirts

Sumi Dye border

Normal Size 58,000 yen + tax

Big size 66,000 yen + tax
(order product)

The sumi-zome is fixed in a liquid based on pine soot ink. For the black border, gesso mixed with chalk is applied to the bottom of the border, and the black part above is a mixture of pine soot ink and chalk. Before dyeing, I make a border first and then dye it about 4 times.

Basque Shirts
Indigo border
Normal Size 58,000 yen + tax

Big size 66,000 yen + tax
(order product)

Outer fabric…19th century antique linen sheets
Lining fabric…100% Cotton high count 100/2 broad

*The lining is assorted at that time, such as cotton silk lawn fabric.

Regarding Indigo Border...
The harvested indigo leaves are placed in a tank, filled with water and allowed to fully ferment under the scorching sun, then slaked lime is added and stirred to incorporate air to extract the indigo component (= indigo).

After several days, the indigo pigment that has settled under the tank is taken out. (= Mud indigo)

Indigo paint is made by mixing the mud indigo that is taken out with gofun, a traditional Japanese painting material (= powder made from crushed shells) and animal glue.

Just like a painting canvas, gesso is applied to the vintage fabric in a border shape, and the indigo from earlier is applied over and over again.

Therefore, when worn, the border is hard, but the more you use it, the more it will look like cracks.

Basque Shirts
Silk Needle Punch
Normal Size 58,000 yen + tax

Big size 66,000 yen + tax
(order product)

Regarding the silk border...
Silk fiber (= floss) made from silkworm cocoons is sliver-shaped, layered on top of vintage linen in a border shape, and punched (= needle punched) with a sewing machine with a modified needle tip. go.

You can cut the neck, sleeve length, and length as you like, and you can change it to your preferred size.

One by one, this artist puts his heart and soul into his work, so he cannot accept too many orders.

This item is available in two sizes, Normal Size and Big Size.

Big size uses more fabric than normal size, so the price is different.

Normal size Length 70cm Width 58cm Sleeve length 64cm

Big size Length 72cm Width 65cm Sleeve length 64cm

180cm 73kg wearing big size

Delivery time 2 months to 3 months

We will start production in order of order.

You can choose the payment method from 30% or 50% full payment in advance.

The balance will be paid after delivery.

Shipping fee will be charged in advance. It will not be reflected in your balance.

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