" A QUIET SUN " Kazuna Taguchi

"A QUIET SUN" Kazuna Taguchi

Kazuna Taguchi continues to create works that seek to discover the metaphysical existence of time and space through monochrome works with multiple structures.

For example, the works created through a multi-layered procedure such as taking multiple exposures of paintings and sculptures that he has created himself, drawing oil paintings on printed photographic paper, and photographing them again, are photographs, but also You can find the same horizon as a painting that takes a long time to turn to the canvas.

Taguchi's work often includes references to past works of art and applications of existing images such as anonymous found photos and magazines.

The gesture of trying to read symbols from images collected from the past is also influenced by Abi Warburg's (1866-1929) "Mnemosyne Atlas".

From the multiple timelines and fragments of the body in these images, the artist picks up signs of the constellation space that creates memories, and in order to invite moderation and chance there, sometimes restores, sometimes into his own work. I'm confused again.


5-4-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Ginza Maison Hermès Forum 8/9F

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