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About 15 years ago, there was a brand called Casey vidalenc.

At that time, imported brands were at their peak, and Casey vidalenc was among various brands such as Paul harden, c-dime, Haute, gustavo lins, AFVANDEVORST.

At that time, it was a brand with quite a lot of fans and has been loved by various clothes lovers.

Two designers, Gareth Casey and Philippe Vidalenc, designed Casey vidalenc.
After that, we respected each other's directions and went our separate ways.

Gareth Casey launched Casey Casey and is still popular at major select shops.
Another designer, Philippe Vidalenck, runs a small atelier and shop in Paris.
Starting with a made-to-order salon for customers at that place, I run design, sewing, dyeing, and sales all by myself.

All his works are done by one person, so each piece has a different expression including color.
It's just that it's all beautiful, and it's like looking for your favorite old clothes.

『Bobi Coat Only Order Fair』

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