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Mr. Masaki Ueda, representative of the shoe repair salon [Forma Shoe Salon] in Shirokane Takanawa.

While specializing in repairing shoes for customers, he will continue to produce products from a craftsman's point of view by various other craftsmen.

Originally, his will does not have categories, and he consciously mixes dresses, work, and modes to develop his own original coordination.

"Good or bad, you won't know anything until you use it with confidence first. The same is true in the shoe repair industry.

For example, in order to know the royal road Whits boots of work boots, we thoroughly purchased a wide range of items from standard to maniac product numbers, and after wearing them ourselves and using them, we found the merits and demerits that suit our customers.
can tell

For some reason, such a genuine curiosity is interested in the products for Masaki Ueda, which he just wants.

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