『Amami Mud-dye Wool Tweed』 Azurea Salvia

『Amami Mud-dye Wool Tweed』Azurea Salvia

"Amami Oshima mud-dyed wool tweed"

An important element for clothes is the “fabric”.

Designers are also interested in that special fabric, and in search of it they go to various places in Japan and abroad, and even visit small weaving factories and private houses directly to look for that special fabric.

Like the vintage denim hunters in the United States, they are looking for special fabrics like old Levi's that have been dumped in an old coal mine and are covered in mud. It is a loom slowly and carefully woven with an old shuttle loom.

It is very difficult to confirm the exact age, but when I checked the condition, it was about 20 years old and the fabric was hand-dyed.

Hand-dyed mud dyeing in Amami Oshima expresses "differences in color shade depending on the number of times it is dyed", and the intensity of the color expresses a tweed pattern.

Moreover, mud-dyed wool tweed is very rare, and mass production is almost impossible today because it takes a lot of time and money.

This was rare even at the time, and I think it was a material that was made without regard to the feasibility of mass production and cost, just to create a special fabric that could be introduced as a centerpiece fabric at fabric exhibitions. .

Although it is a small amount, I am very grateful to Mr. Chiba and others for being able to meet such a special fabric.

As the details progress, we will introduce them again on the blog.

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