Aquellos Ojos Verdes BISHU -Exclusive Wool Ombre Shirts

Aquellos Ojos Verdes BISHU - Exclusive Wool Ombre Shirts

This is the second original material produced from scratch by Aquellos Ojos Verdes.


This time, the ombre shirt is an item that is usually loved by work, casual and second-hand clothes lovers.

On the flip side, I think there are a lot of people who are resistant to it and who don't like it.
So, I asked Mr. Nagata to make a genre-less ombré shirt.

I started with the idea of ​​creating a shirt that would never lose to Maison by having a detailed discussion on the balance between the expression of the fabric, the color of the check, and the width of the width.


<Fabric details>
2/72 Australian merino is used for both vertical and horizontal, and the weaving structure is twill (2↗2).

Although it has an orthodox body, it is carefully woven with a low-speed loom and has a smooth saxony finish.

The color pattern is dyed in 4 different colors vertically and horizontally to create a checkered pattern (ombré check) with a sense of gradation.

In particular, dark brown and light brown are alternately arranged one by one to give depth, and it has a tasteful expression that looks like it was drawn with a brush.

Photo 1, Loupe
This is an enlarged photo showing the dark brown and light brown threads in the dark part.

The following is not a blueprint from a fabric store, but I made it myself.

Photo 2, actual size pattern table
Based on the swatches that Mr. Utsumi chose this time, I checked the balance by drawing lines by hand in order to create the pattern spacing that Mr. Utsumi wanted.

When deciding on a rough pitch, I draw a rough line at first to see the balance.

This time, I decided on the 3rd rough drawing, and the photo on the right is a copy of the original plan and colored with markers to give it a more vivid image.

Photo 3, pattern instructions
This is the instruction I submitted to the fabric shop.
I always give instructions like this to make sure there are no mistakes when I'm worried about the price.
After that, the handed over CG will come up and after the final confirmation, we will start the actual production.

[Order product]

Wide Collar Shirts

Size 2 3 4 5

68,000 yen + tax

Sample size 4

180cm 73kg

Band Collar Shirts

Size 2 3 4 5

67,000 yen + tax

Sample size 3

180cm 73kg

Sleeping Shirts

Size 2 3 4

64,000 yen + tax

Sample size 3
180cm 73kg

[Notes on orders]

As with last time, you can order wide collar shirts, band collar shirts, and sleeping shirts.

Regarding the number of items that can be ordered, we are planning a total of 23 to 24 items.

However, since it is calculated for the convenience of fabric, you can concentrate on size 4 or 5,

If we receive a lot of orders for the wide color shirts that use the most fabric, we may end it in advance.

[Payment method]

Advance payment 30% 50% We will accept your order as soon as payment is completed by credit card, bank transfer or cash.

Please pay the balance after delivery.

Launch online and in store at the same time.

Orders will be accepted from 12:00 on October 20th and will end on October 30th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the store.

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