In terms of manufacturing, all brands have their own individuality, just like people.

I think it's hard for people who aren't interested in it to understand, but even if it's a white shirt,

All the maker's habits and favorite designs are poured into it.

After all, clothes are like a mirror that expresses the creator.

After looking at the clothes directly, the buyer likes or dislikes the clothes. Of course, it is important that the clothes fit the body type, but they tend to prefer the personality and atmosphere of the maker.

For the first time, when I went to Ishikawa Prefecture to meet Mr. Chiba of AZUREA SALVIA, the atmosphere changed from the sharp atmosphere of the past to a much softer and gentler atmosphere.

However, it was just a superficial feeling, and unfortunately the inside was sharp.

Both are true to themselves, clumsy, methodical, humble and selfish.

Caring and mean.

AZUREA SALVIA has all of these characteristics.

I think that's why Mr. Chiba had many enthusiastic fans in Tokyo and Osaka even before he knew about his brand.

By the way, he doesn't want to become famous or rich at all, and his life purpose is to do his best to make clothes for about 50 customers all over the country. is.

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