Date 5/13 (Sat), 5/14 (Sun)


I can say this in any field for the last 10 years, but I can't remember the name at all.
Due to the spread of the Internet, light reaches places where it is difficult for light to hit, so the amount of information is overflowing with waves from the head.
Nowadays, information has become macro, and importance is influenced by names, specs, sentences, and photos, and it is easy to be swept away by impressions and information manipulation.
But I have something to stop and think about.
Clothes that you can't let go for some reason or clothes that you wear for some reason.
That they are their own sublime and simple .
We are always looking for new discoveries that will make you feel better the moment you touch or see them.
Specs, technology, cool photos, etc. are next.
If you touch it and put it on, you may immediately understand the difference.
Cold clothes and slightly soft and warm clothes.
It's like a craftsman's spirit that overflows from things without reasoning.
Or something that the individual colors even more.
I don't know.
This time, it's an event for Chiba-chan (AZUREA SALVIA) whose hands are overflowing with madness.
Even if it is the same model, the sewing method is changed depending on the fabric to pursue better comfort.
I want to see a craftsman who changes the way of handling depending on the ingredients.
to make it tastier.
For some reason, it's like clothes that you wear over and over again.
[ORDER details]
We have two types of sample sizes.
Size Normal
Size Big
We have several special fabrics selected from that model.
Choose your fabric and place your order.
Price 365,000 yen + tax ~
(The price will be about this with the sample as it is.
Negotiate the delivery date
Also AZUREA SALVIA ready-made
(shirts, coveralls, jackets)
We also accept orders for.
Short-sleeved shirt 60,000 yen + tax ~
Shirt ¥75,000+tax〜
Jacket 160,000 yen + tax ~
*The price will change because the sewing method differs depending on the material of the fabric.
Negotiate the delivery date
[Payment method]
You can choose from 30%, 50%, or the full amount as an advance payment.
The remaining balance can be paid after delivery.
Even customers in the distance will be able to respond by mail order.
(Credit card, transfer, available.)
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