Forma's apparel line is realized by requesting "professionals in the field" who are familiar with each item. They are gems that have been transformed.

The leather jacket I'm going to introduce this time is exactly what Ueda has been looking for for so many years.
MORIMOTO made it for us. Finally. Thank you, Morimoto-san.

In France in the 1960s and 1970s, there were jackets that were delivered as supplies to state-owned enterprises and government agencies (including state-owned electric power companies, broadcasting stations, and various institutions such as city halls and town halls).

It is called [Corbusier jacket] because it was worn by Le Corbusier, the greatest architect and product designer of the 20th century.

Corbusier also pays attention to the items he wears, and his unique style has many fans, and there is no end to the manufacturers that commercialize items that pay homage to Corbusier's style.

The Corbusier jacket is one such item.

Ueda also bought a Corbusier jacket from that era a few years ago, but it doesn't look right.

Since it was distributed as a supply item, it is not particularly comfortable to wear, and the quality of the leather is not good enough.

Unfortunately, I don't get too excited when I wear it.

It's a piece of clothing that doesn't have much to say about it, but I like the details and the stories that go with it, so every year I've been agonizing over it.

What I wanted to improve in remodeling the Corbusier jacket was the sizing and the texture of the leather.

MORIMOTO recreated it from the pattern paper, and it is extremely easy to wear while preserving the original atmosphere.

Not to mention the texture of the leather. I think the original is probably cowhide, but you can choose between goat and deer, and you can also choose cotton for the lining, which is the same as the original wool, which helps improve comfort.

There are 3 sizes, S, M, and L, and the length of the sleeves and body can be adjusted for each size.

Of course, there is no omission in detail.
It seems that the placket of the icon W did not have a buttonhole when it was issued.

The reason is that they paid regardless of gender. The person who was paid cut the hole by himself and wore it.
That's interesting! So, if you want to cut it yourself, you can also deliver it with the hole closed.

The collar is also upright. the best. The original doesn't stand. There is also reinforced stitching on the back of the collar. the best.
Also, the belts on the pockets and cuffs... I'm only particular about it. please.

Leather can be selected from Goat skin, Deer skin, Deer Vegetable tanned, Deer Suede.
(All sample colors are available.)

Multiple linings and buttons are also available.

Goat leather 320,000+tax
Deer leather 350,000+tax

The delivery date will be delivered by around September to October 2023 Fall/Winter.

We are currently accepting Tokyo orders, but we will also introduce them on 2/3.2/4.2/5 (Osaka event).

You can choose the payment method from 30%, 50%, or full payment in advance.

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