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Leather Blouse "DAVE"


T. Brown / Black

210,000 yen + tax


Inspired by the handmade craft leather made by hippies in the 70s that my American friend wore (it was rough, but the roughness was cool anyway), the 1st type Leather Blouse “DAVE” (the model name was named after a friend's nickname), which is a jacket finished with a craft leather-like atmosphere.

The leather contains a lot of oil and uses a special tanning Yezo deer to give it a rough texture (regular Yezo deer does not have this atmosphere), and the leather is 1.2mm thick. Contrary to its appearance, it is really light and comfortable to wear (you can wear it like a leather shirt rather than a leather jacket).

Everything is cut off (uncut), and the collar, pocket, hem, and cuffs have been designed with the natural edge of the original leather, so each item is completely one-of-a-kind. .

The T-back specification with a separate back is not only a design, but also a meaningful detail that considers the leather. We also have an artisanal atmosphere that is a little different from that in the United States.

Buffalo buttons are used for the buttons, needle-punched buckle backs, handwritten leather tags and all aspects are finished without compromise.

What is Yezo deer?
A subspecies of the Japanese deer that inhabits only Hokkaido. Due to agricultural damage and environmental problems, it is exterminated as a vermin and hunted as a predator.
By tanning and reusing Yezo deer skin, which was conventionally discarded, it is a leather material that poses the problem of not wasting life and being ethical.

By sticking to full vegetable tanning using vegetable tannins, coloring only with dyes without using pigments, and processing with hard wax made in Italy, natural unevenness and burnt luster due to friction appear.

Combined with the scratches unique to wild deer, it reproduces a vintage-like texture.
It contains plenty of oil, so you can enjoy wonderful aging.

We hope that the person who picks up "DAVE" will be dyed in the color and that it will become an indispensable leather jacket for that person.

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