Leather Blouse “DAVE”

T. Brown / Black
Size 1.2.3

Thank you for your inquiry.

This time, online and store sales will start at the same time from 4/8 12:00.

We will respond in order, so we may cancel after purchasing online, so thank you for your understanding.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions such as sizing.

[Size chart]
Size ① Length 61cm Shoulder width 53cm Width 63cm Sleeve length 54cm

Size ② Length 63cm Shoulder width 55cm Width 65cm Sleeve length 55cm

Size ③ Length 66cm Shoulder width 59cm Width 69cm Sleeve length 57cm

(180cm 73kg size 3 pieces)

The length and sleeve length are not measured at the natural edge, so they are a little longer and there are considerable individual differences.
In addition, there are individual differences in the expression and texture of the Yezo deer leather itself, so there are some individual differences (about 0.5 cm to 1 cm) in the overall actual size.

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