【Heavy Pique Project】

[Heavy Pique Project]

Ichinomiya City in Aichi Prefecture is well known for its large and small weavers and textile factories.

Among them, there is a company that commissions one fabric company to produce various special and maniac fabrics and has earned the trust of domestic and foreign brands.
That is "Oyagi Co., Ltd."

Mr. Managing Director, who has a rather strong face, has been interacting with Sekine for a long time, and this time it was realized due to his connections.

However, his appearance is quite strong, but he has a lively and friendly personality, and he is like a big brother who treats both overseas maisons and weak people like us flatly.

This project started with the words of such a hot-blooded brother.

"There's a guy you like in the warehouse! Just a little. This is the vintage picket that he suggested.

-Heavy Pique.

This fabric will be the fabric that I started making out of curiosity in the first place.

For that reason, the reason why I made it with a narrow width of 112 cm is that it was a picket that was driven to the very limit in length and width at the raw machine stage.

The weave structure itself is picket, and most of the warp threads come to the surface, so the weft threads are designed to have a narrow width because skipped stitches and scratches may occur frequently.

Fabric planning is too costly and time-consuming just to be interested, so there are no weaving factories that can weave, and it has become a picket that has been sleeping in a warehouse for many years.

This fabric is an image of Vintage Pique, and it is currently impossible to reproduce this again.

We asked Mr. Kanan of WASEW, who always supervises the production, to dye the fabric in sumi ink, and finished it with a fabric that changes over time as it is worn.

This material is special and the width of the fabric is narrow, but by further dyeing the shrinkage rate is about 4% vertically and a little less than 10% horizontally.
Please think that the thickness of about 10% has increased in terms of ounces.

The ounce becomes quite hard and thick, and it becomes a dough with a fairly tight texture.

In addition, because the fabric is thick, it is difficult at a normal sewing factory.

For that reason, I asked Mr. Yamada of PJ.antique to sew.
His company has very skilled seamstresses, so he was able to carefully sew even difficult fabrics and special vintage materials, and this difficult product was realized.

This project started with a fabric I met in Ichinomiya.

In order to make it a shape, it was realized by various collaborators.
I can only thank you.

”Sumi” Black dyed
Finish compound
Heavy Pique.

This item is "Lister Osaka Pop up"

Samples will be available at the events on 8/19 (Fri), 8/20 (Sat), and 8/21 (Sun) , so you can order them there.

Regarding the delivery date, we are planning from November to December.

Depending on the situation, it may be mixed up.

Orders in Tokyo will be handled as soon as the Osaka event is over.

The payment method is 50% advance payment and we will pay the balance after delivery.

We also accept various credit cards and wire transfers.

“Lister Osaka Event 1st”
2022. 8/19 (Fri). 8/20 (Sat) 8/21 (Sun)

1-14-15 Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka (Sanwa Building 1F)
*3 minute walk from Honmachi Station

At this event, we have various products other than this product.

We may be able to offer brands that have not yet been introduced in Tokyo.

Details will be announced on Instagram.

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