Hyoue Isnida / Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

Hyoue Isnida / Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

"An adult snow globe. 』

An original snow dome made by Mr. Hyoe Ishida.

Based on 20th century American artist Edward Hopper

"The Microcosms of Edward Hopper".

It is a work based on the theme of Nighthawks, which is the representative work.

Mr. Hyoe Ishida's work expresses scenes from movies, architecture, and other beautiful forms in snow globes.

The delicate and detailed modeling is all produced by myself and the color expression is also reproduced.

I ordered Nighthawks this time , but I would like to order my personal favorite SAUL LEITER snow gloves next time.

For product inquiries, please contact us directly from the following website (Hyoue).


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