il Quadrifoglio Bespoke Shoes Order Fair "Like a Flaminio Bertoni"

il Quadrifoglio Bespoke Shoes Order Fair "Like a Flaminio Bertoni"

[il Quadrifoglio]
Atsushi Kyunai
Bespoke Shoes Order Fair
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Kobe's handsome man who always responds with an easy-going and easy-going attitude.

Even in magazines, she has a skanky look on her second page, but in fact, she also has a cute side, enjoying camping alone in the holy land of outdoor manga.

It has an approachable and friendly atmosphere, but as another face, there is a sensitivity and philosophy towards bespoke shoes.

His shoes, like the Italian car designer "Flaminio Bertoni", express beauty with a single streamline.

With its sculptural form, roundness and softness, for some reason it is so familiar that you want to wear it every day.

When I say bespoke, I get defensive, but I would like you to come without force.

We would like you to propose not only business and dress, but also casual everyday shoes.


Bespoke shoes using Italian techniques by Mr. Kuuchi, who is based in Kobe.

Mr. Atsushi Kuuchi, who enjoyed the technique directly under the master Mr. Roberto Ugolini, brings out the style like a jewel by fusing the sex appeal, dignity and intelligence of Italy.

Delivery time: 1 year (1 to 2 inner fittings)

Payment method Please choose between 30% and 50% advance payment. The balance will be paid as soon as the product is completed.

*If you would like to order, please feel free to contact us as we will make an appointment.

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