“KODACHROME"  【rofmia Exhibition】

“KODACHROME” 【rofmia Exhibition】

[rofmia Exhibition]
10.28(Fri) .29(Sat) .30(Sun)

『Saul Leiter』


Iving Penn , Robert Frank , Richard Avedon , William Klein and other leading 20th century photographers from Vogue and Harper's BAZAAR.

Saul Leite is one of those greats.

However, strangely, he is a great man who was re-evaluated after his death in 2013.

Originally aiming to be a painter, his unique color tone and composition are greatly influenced by his photographs.

New York in the 1950s after World War II saw a boom in abstract art, and the abstract paintings of Mark Rothko, a Russian-Jewish artist, also gave hints for the composition of Saul later.

Rothko is a 20th-century American Abstractist painter, and his painting style is an oil painting color expression painter that does not have a specific focus of 2 or 3 divisions with vague outlines on the entire screen.

The sole was formed with a “frame in frame” photo, quoting the color expression in the composition of the photo.

Also, in order to reproduce Lautrec-like color expression in photographs, he uses KODACHROME, a color film that has just changed from monochrome at that time.

This film was a rare film at the time because it was hard to fade even if the photograph was developed with deep shades of red and yellow.

Most of the early color photographs had poor fading resistance and storage stability.

⁡ KODACHROME's film is the cutting edge film at that time without these disadvantages.

In Sole's photographs, ambiguous photographic works are created in the frame-in-frame composition of Rocos abstract expression, reflecting natural phenomena such as rain and snow through the glass through the lens.

This is one of his ways of expression that connects painting and photography.

Saul prefers Japanese Zen and Buddhism.

“The real world is connected to what is originally hidden. 』

These colors were expressed by a 70-year-old artist using a traditional fabric, Mikawa cotton with Mino washi paper.

Everything will be an exhibition created by rofmia's direction within the framework of Lister.

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