Le Yucca's  2023 S/S COLLECTION

Le Yucca's 2023 S/S COLLECTION

Why we love Le Yucca's.

Yuka Murase often asserts that her shoes are nothing more than tools (daily necessities).

Whether this is a good thing to say or a bad thing, you might get angry. . .

Mr. Murase is often asked for advice from various brands.

From corporate brands such as GUIDI to personal brands such as m moria.

Her wide knowledge influences various genres of shoe manufacturing.

Given that Maurizio is her best friend.

I once asked Mr. Murase what was the difference between his shoes and Le Yucca's shoes.

Then she said, ``My shoes are just daily necessities. His shoes are works of art. Even if the shoes are the same, it is wrong to compare them. 』

Murase and Maurizio, who make functional beauty shoes that make daily life a little more enjoyable, and Maurizio himself's thoughts, philosophy, religion, etc., are included in shoes from an artistic perspective.

It is certainly strange to compare them.

However, although the method of expression is different, I have the same values ​​for myself.

I often compare brands, but it shouldn't be compared originally.
It is important how the people who are looking for them need the designer, and I hope that they can be satisfied with their daily lives.

It can be said to all brands that are making to make consumers happy.

The reason why I like Le Yucca's is that it makes my daily life a little dignified, and the personality of Yuka Murase lives in the shoes.

"People = things" In manufacturing, the creator is always reflected in the things.

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