ORBIUM -Mod.4-A “Tropical Officer”-

ORBIUM -Mod.4-A "Tropical Officer"-

ORBIUM has designed a model inspired by the practical and beautiful jackets worn by officers assigned to tropical regions in the early 20th century.

What should be custom ordered is a jacket with a simple form that makes a total statement.

The line from the collar through the shoulder to the cuff is beautiful.
Not too angular, not too round, elegant curves are eye-catching.

You should understand it all when you wear it.

The characteristic flap pocket has a strange balance, but it is interesting that there is no sense of discomfort.

Like the COHERENCE coat, ORBIUM is designed with a design that a third party will find beautiful.

What I personally find interesting about this jacket is that it was directed by a Japanese, sewn in Italy, inspired by a British officer, and has a slight French smell.

It feels like a jacket filled with everything Nakagomi-san likes.

■ English Twill
Size 46,48,50

■ 11 Wale Corduroy
Size 44,46,48,
*Because there were only black and white photos, it will be the fabric and color of the last photo.

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