rofmia Exhibition / rofmia×Chez Vidalenc

rofmia Exhibition / rofmia×Chez Vidalenc

rofmia Exhibition
⁡ 10.28(Fri) .29(Sat) .30(Sun)
※29(Sat) .30(Sun) The designer will be in the gallery.


When I saw Nora Fabric supervised by rofmia, my question was how to expand the possibilities of traditional Japanese techniques.

Remove the concept of kimono from Japanese fabrics and instill a new modern sense of values.

At that time, I think that Japanese art books published overseas have a different sense of value compared to Japanese publications due to the photographs, fonts, and paper quality.

⁡Therefore, when I consulted with Philippe, the designer of the French brand "Chez Vidalenc", he agreed without reply.

This time, we decided to send 20 meters of fabric with various expressions and colors to France as it is, and leave it to Philippe to decide how to cut and combine the colors of the fabric.

The models are Chez Vidalnc's representative works "MALBO COAT SHORT" and "COAT BOBI".

All of them are assorted in different sizes and colors.

Enjoy your first “experiment” as a Lister this time.

MALBO COAT 180,000 yen + tax

COAT BOBI 200,000 yen + tax

Stole Various 60,000 yen + tax

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