TARO HAMANO Exhibition 2022  Project1

TARO HAMANO Exhibition 2022 Project1

12/23(Fri) 12/24(Sat) 12/25(Sun)


We are pleased to announce the exhibition of Taro Hamano.

project 1.
[Hand-Knitting & Hand painting Guernsey Sweater]

1. For the hand-knitted Gandhi knit, you can choose from two models, normal fit and big fit.

2. We will prepare several dyed threads by Taro Hamano, so you can choose from them and place your order.

3.The delivery date will correspond to the order of the customer who placed the order.
We aim to produce 1 to 1.5 garments per month.

However, it will end as soon as Taro Hamano's thread runs out.
It will be a limited order for 6th place as planned.

All prices are 200,000 yen + tax.

For customers who live far away, we will accept mail orders that support credit cards and bank transfers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us prior to the event.

The concept of knitting has been in Mr. Hamano's head for many years, and I am happy that it was born at such a turning point.

Mikako's delicate and careful handiwork, who is a knitter who unravels everything from history and past literature, has created a new art piece that has never existed before.

It has a presence that seems to have been excavated over 100 years ago, but it is a gentle work that is feminine and warm.

The world of Taro Hamano has expanded new value.

Hand-knitted hand-dyed Gandhi knit (old type) produced with the cooperation of knitter Mikako Kashima.

I made it with the image of a knit being dried at the end of work on a Scottish beach. Clothes for work that is dirty with ship oil and mud.
The patterned part is for protection against the cold so that you can know who is drowning, and the flat-knitted part is for quick repair.

The thread is made by hand with a sheep breed called Romney.


Next time, I will inform you about the coat of project2.

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