TARO HAMANO Exhibition 2022  Project2

TARO HAMANO Exhibition 2022 Project2

For Fall/Winter 2022, we created the theme of "Technology".

Technology is not one-sided.

Each time, we embody what comes down from the brain and sight, and the technique that can be created from various sides such as crafts, art, fashion, etc.

And a technique that can exist as a stable thing from any genre.

I think of it as technology.

I would appreciate it if you could see the last exhibition of the season.

[Limited Order Coat]

The point of the new fabric for the coat is that it randomly weaves British woolen yarn and hand-spun yarn and original twisted yarn with a sancho shuttle (using three shuttles).

- Order contents. -

You can choose from multiple special fabrics and order from 2 models.

The limited number is scheduled to be 2.

Sewing is carefully produced by Mr. Chiba of "AZUREA SALVIA".

The fabric of the clothes in the image is the fabric of the past.
It will also be a coat with a new and different atmosphere.

It is also possible to sell only clothing fabrics, so please take care of it.

Next time, we will introduce the Project3 stall.

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