【THE 2 MONKEYS オーダー会】3/18.(Sat) 4/19(Sun)

【THE 2 MONKEYS Ordering Event】3/18.(Sat) 4/19(Sun)

[The 2 Monkeys]
Order Fair.
3/18.(Sat) 4/19(Sun)

(Mr. Suzuki's time in the corridor)
This weekend, we will be holding an order event with Mr. Suzuki of "The 2 Monkeys".
With a lineup of the brand's representative model "Sportif", various considerations such as the history, interpretation, and manufacturing method of boots were intertwined, and it was born by Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Goto, representative of JELADO.

This time, in addition to moccasins, we also offer clothes for spring and summer.

We will also present The 2 Monkeys sandals “Augustus” made with a special manufacturing method.

This is one possibility of moccasins and French boots.

Many people think of JM WESTON and Paraboot as brands that remind them of moccasin-style French shoes.
Of course, these designs were inspired by American influences from the 1900s for hunting, golfing and horseback riding.
These are the one possibilities that are the majority.
But let me tell you about another possibility.
The connection between France and the Indians dates back to the 17th century.
At that time, it had French territory in the interior of North America and had close contact with the local Indians.
The North American continent formed an alliance with (became involved in) Indian tribes from the fierce colonial disputes between England and France. Raw skins are also actively traded with Indians.
That close relationship could well influence the Indian moccasin to the French boot.
This is a proposal for new boots based on the hypothesis that French vintage boots have moccasins.
[Sportif details]
The 2Monkeys "Sportif" is based on the background of boots at the time, unlike American boots specialized for work and outdoor use,
The shaft, which is characteristic of French boots, is thin, and the boots are made up of curves as a whole.
In order to create a beautiful curved silhouette, the spade-shaped sole has a Goodyear welt on the stepping part and a McKay manufacturing method that narrows the waist from the waist to the heel.
I reproduce the style.
The heel is slightly tapered to emphasize the silhouette, which was common in European shoes at the time.
Dupuy Leather is used for the leather, and the silver surface is fine and soft.
As you wear them, the leather that has been dyed black will reveal a brown core.
The toe box has a thin toe box, and the more you wear it, the more you wear it, the more it sinks flat.
“Black Calf”
Mod: TM72924
Size: US6.0(24.5cm)〜US11.0(29cm) 11 sizes
Price: 110,000+tax
Delivery date: Scheduled for January 2024.
3/18. 3/19.
We will start accepting orders from
For the payment method, you can choose from 30% or 50% full payment in advance, and the rest can be paid after delivery.
The online page will be uploaded from 0:00 midnight on March 18th.
You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, etc.
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