The  Crooked Tailor 23 S/S Collection (Final delivery)

The Crooked Tailor 23 S/S Collection (Final delivery)


Regular collar short sleeve over work shirts

Indigo denim

Size 44,46,48


It is the short-sleeved type of the classic overshirt of Crew Kid Tailor.

A model based on the American military shirt of the 50's.

Denim fabric from a high-end Italian shirt fabric manufacturer is light in ounces,

A short sleeve shirt that is very comfortable to wear.

After each product is hand-washed.


Windproof trousers


Size 44,48


Based on royal navy trousers from the 1940s and 1950s, this trouser has a relaxed atmosphere that is typical of Crooked.

It is an atelier production that uses a lot of hand-stitching such as crotch openings, seam allowances, and buttonholes.


Over polo shirts

black brown

Size 48


This polo shirt is made from materials from one of Italy's finest jersey manufacturers.

This special cotton jersey fabric is soft to the touch and extremely comfortable to wear.

The amount of back is also large, and a beautiful drape comes out every time you walk.

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