YASUTO KIMURA / Single pleat trousers Canonico Super 110’s

YASUTO KIMURA / Single pleat trousers Canonico Super 110's

“Design creates ideas. 』

Tailored view of history interpreted by Oriental thought on design and human beings in history,

* Writers (Shidaifu) are the names of those who have acquired the humanistic education of Confucianism and are in a dominant or leading position.

In other words, most of the literati came from ruling classes and positions such as royalty, aristocrats, bureaucrats, landlords, and local ruling families.

If interpreted in modern times, it corresponds to people of high social status, and such people wear well-tailored suits.

In order to express the image of a modern literary figure, we use high quality materials and sew with elaborate sewing techniques.

“Adding the spice (design) of detachment to this will create new possibilities.”

This is a new tailored expression method by YASUTO KIMURA.

[YASUTO KIMURA's interpretation of Western suits]

It is a symbol of modern capitalism, and I feel feudal society, competitive society, spectatorism, authoritarianism, and intimidation.
Is it a uniform that hides the individual's humanity and personality, protects like armor, and challenges the battle?
I feel very nervous.

In fact, the suit creates the ideal male form by creating a sharp silhouette with strengths and weaknesses of the men's body depending on the hair core and drafting method.
There is stylistic beauty and formal beauty. In terms of Japanese aesthetics, I would say tea ceremony culture. Religion is Confucianism.


[Interpretation of trousers]

・The concept is to carefully and effectively utilize the maximum amount of resources (fabrics) without cutting too much fabric from Japanese kimonos.

・The pants of the old folk costumes in the Asian region were tubular without armpits.
Western ironing technology is added to this to give the curve of the foot.

- The texture of the fabric from the side line to the back of the body is biased, creating a drape and softness.

With this, I hope to express softness, generosity and elegance.

・The obi around the waist will eventually enhance the fit of the waist, so besides the teal, it is also necessary to hold the folding fan when I go to a tea party in the future.

single pleat trousers
Canonico Super 110's
(4 Season Wool Gabardine)

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