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Atelier / 2 Ply High Twist Cheviot Tropical

Atelier / 2 Ply High Twist Cheviot Tropical

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2 Ply High Twist Cheviot Tropical

Kentaro Nakagome, the creative director of COHERENCE, created this jacket brand using the highest level of Italian technology.

It is a model that has been around since the launch of Orbium , and is also a representative model.

When you think of an atelier jacket, you might think of it as a loose-fitting workwear, but Orbium's atelier jacket The high sickle that is firmly inserted along the armpit provides a good fit and excellent arm mobility.

By firmly inserting the waist darts at the back, the curve of the back line has a three-dimensional silhouette.

A dress material: 100% of wool
Lining: 100% cupra

46 Length 70cm Width 50cm Shoulder width 44cm Sleeve length 63cm (cuffs folded)

48 Length 71cm Width 52cm Shoulder width 45cm Sleeve length 64cm (cuffs folded)

50 Length 72cm Width 54cm Shoulder width 46cm Sleeve length 65cm (specification to fold cuffs)

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