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BRICK Pillow / Kazumi Takigawa (KAZUMI TAKIGAWA)

BRICK Pillow / Kazumi Takigawa (KAZUMI TAKIGAWA)

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BRICK Pillow


Size (width 22 cm length 11 cm height 7 cm) x 4 pieces

※It becomes the size of one.

This time, we will sell "Pillow" series from Kazumi Takigawa.

It is a cushion pillow with a lovely design like an object.

The cushion can be divided into four parts by untying the string in the center, and can be used in a variety of situations.

[Kazumi Takigawa]

When making sculptures during the art college period A lot of where wax was used,

The fact that the canvas work clothes I was wearing became so hard that I could stand upright,

It was a hint for Kazumi Takigawa's bag making.

The everyday design of the bag is somewhat adorable, and the more you use it, the wax will crack and change into various charming shapes over time.

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