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Outer material: 100% cotton

Lining material: 100% silk

Color: Black/White

Size 25cm-28cm

warm socks.
The beginning of the product was the opportunity to make things with a silk master I met in Gunma, a silk production area.
As I learned about silk, I thought about making things that bring out the original performance of silk, and came up with the production of these socks.

One of the themes is to make the most of the warmth of silk, which is often overlooked.

Silk is originally a fiber with high heat retention, but more than that, it is often noted for its excellent breathability, luster and smoothness of the fabric, and silk alone is more breathable than this heat retention.

Therefore, this time, by placing cotton with strong wind stopping power on the surface and putting silk inside, we have created a very warm sock that takes advantage of the heat retention of silk.

Although we have improved heat retention, silk is highly hygroscopic, and the inside of the fiber is hollow, which accumulates more moisture than necessary, and the humidity inside the socks is controlled at about 11%. I will give it to you.

The cotton is made of 60-count two-ply yarn, realizing the durability that is essential for a product called socks.
In addition, the threads used for the silk surface are unbleached pongee threads that are slightly rough.

Since the cross section of the silk fibers is triangular, it has the effect of scraping away dead skin cells on the surface of the ground, so if you wear it while walking for a long time, you will feel the change in the texture of the soles of your feet.

"Silk scrapes the body and cares for the skin"
It's a second hand from my silk master.

As for washing, there is no problem with normal washing without turning it inside out.

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