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HEUGN 2023 S/S Linen Rob

HEUGN 2023 S/S Linen Rob

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Linen Rob

High density heavy ounce linen.

In the initial state, the linen is stiff and stiff, but as soon as it is worn, deep wrinkles are carved into it.

Wrinkles appear all over the shirt.

By wearing it, the linen fabric will become soft and familiar.

It is a material that you can enjoy aging like denim.

This beautiful jacket is based on a British Army shirt from the 1940s and is finished in a modern form.

Linen 100%

2023SS HEUGN theme


From the FASHION CATALOG late 1990s - early 2000s


It was drawn in the catalog photograph at the time

Imagining a high-quality daily life that is healthy and full of smiles

Relaxed linen and cotton materials

add bright colors

Simple and BASIC items that fit into your lifestyle

It expresses in a new balance.

Size 1 Width 45cm Length 57cm Shoulder width 83cm Sleeve length 63cm

Size 2 Width 47cm Length 59cm Shoulder width 84cm Sleeve length 64cm

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