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Pattern on MOHAIR EG007SR(ribs)

Pattern on MOHAIR EG007SR(ribs)

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Mohair tropical that Yamaei Keori has been proposing as a main fabric for over 50 years.

Mohair tropical is characterized by the thinness and comfort of the highly breathable fabric.

The fabric is wrinkle-resistant and has a reputation for its firmness and stiffness, so you can wear it with a cool and dry touch even in the hottest climates.

It will be a pattern fabric using the mohair fabric.

The silhouette can be worn casually because the hem and waist are elastic, but the trousers are elegantly combined with the firmness and luster of the mohair fabric.


85% wool, 15% mohair


S waist 79-85cm rise 29cm inseam 67cm hem width 15.5cm

M. Waist 83-89cm Rise 29.5cm Inseam 69cm Hem Width 16.5cm

L. Waist 87-93cm Rise 30cm Inseam 69cm Hem Width 16.5cm

"Yamaei Keori"
Along with Huddersfield, England and Viera, Italy, Bishu in Japan is counted as one of the three major woolen production areas in the world. Located at the southernmost tip of Bishu, Tsushima City in Aichi Prefecture is known as the birthplace of woolen textiles in Japan. Yamaei Keori's looms, together with the craftsmen, still play a nostalgic rhythm today.

Founded in 1915, Yamaei Keori produces the world's first black formalwear. The fabrics we weave have been highly praised and loved both in Japan and overseas, including by maisons around the world.

Careful craftsmanship cultivated in a world of plain competition. From the selection of raw wool and thread, to the density of each thread, the expression of colors and patterns, the weave structure and finish, our uncompromising attention to detail is still alive today.

In addition, for today's diversified "clothes", we are also focusing on making fabrics that are in line with the times, ideas, and inspirations. are doing

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