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For this T-shirt project, we asked a long-established weaver in Bishu to create a special cotton fabric from scratch.

As a current trend, there are two polarities: "soft and comfortable material" and "hard and stiff texture".

Among them, designer Sekine thought of expressing the merits of both with one fabric.

[About materials]
The fabric with a smooth look that looks like it is mixed with silk at first glance is made from 70c/1 cotton compact yarn (thread with fluff removed to the limit) on the W-knitting machine, which is one of only a few in Bishu.
It is a JERSEY material that is woven with ultra-high gauge 40 gauge and woven to the limit.

For that reason, even though it's a stretchy and rough fabric, it's smooth and comfortable.

When the knitting machine is knitting, the needles of the knitting machine are closed until just before they break, making it a solid gray fabric that does not easily lose its shape.

In addition, a high-concentration mercerization process was performed at the sorting factory to improve the absorbency of the dye and give it a glossy feel.
It is a JERSEY material that is closer to fabric.

[About shape]
The neck area has a clean silhouette, and the line from the neck to the collarbone is designed to look neat.
The width of the body forms a line that is neither too thin nor too thick.

The flat seamer is used for sewing, and the seam allowance is flat, making it comfortable to wear.

It has a soft luster, but by wearing and washing multiple times, it will become even softer over time, like the color fading from rigid denim.

[size details ]
S Bust 107cm Hem Width 53.5cm Shoulder Width 44cm Sleeve Length 22.5cm Length 65.5cm
M bust 110cm hem width 55cm shoulder width 45cm sleeve length 23.5cm length 66.5cm
L bust 113cm hem width 56.5cm shoulder width 46cm sleeve length 24.5cm length 67.5cm

Wearing image 180cm 73kg wearing L size

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