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Aquellos Ojos Verdes BISHU

Silk Denim Band collar shirts / Aquellos Ojos Verdes BISHU spot sale

Silk Denim Band collar shirts / Aquellos Ojos Verdes BISHU spot sale

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This time, for the lister, Mr. Nagata of Aquellos Ojos Verdes gave a special We have developed silk denim fabric from scratch.

In developing the silk denim fabric, we made it based on various conditions.

1.It can be washed.
2. Comfortable to wear.
3.It is beautiful even if the color fades like denim.
4. Half the weight of vintage chambray.
5. Reproduce the color that suppresses the luster that contains silk as much as possible.
6.It must be a genre-less design.
I've been looking for a denim shirt for years.
I didn't come across the ideal shirt in terms of balance, comfort, and design.

For the first time, thanks to Mr. Nagata, I was able to complete my ideal denim shirt.


We use a general denim weave of 3:1 twill.

Warp chemical indigo (no color fading) - Kase dyeing 80/2 Cotton Although it is different from rope dyeing that remains white while being used, Kase dyeing is a traditional method of dyeing denim threads that is bundled and dyed to the inside.

Although it is not as strong as rope dyeing, the yarn has just the right amount of unevenness, giving it a denim feel.

2/120 Using fine count silk It is the natural color of the thread without bleaching.

Overall, it has a dressy finish, but since the weft is silk, wrinkles tend to remain, so if you wash the product, it will become a richly expressive fabric.

In addition, since silk is oxidized and decomposed by oxygen and ultraviolet rays in the air and turns into melanin, it is prone to yellowing (the same principle that humans turn black when they get sunburned), so it changes over time.


2(S) Shoulder width 47cm Width 57cm Length 75cm Sleeve length 57cm

3(M) Shoulder width 49cm Width 59cm Length 77cm Sleeve length 59cm

4(L) Shoulder width 51cm Width 61cm Length 79cm Sleeve length 61cm

5 (XL) Shoulder width 53cm Width 63cm Length 81cm Sleeve length 63cm

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