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Tensemble NY

'tensemble NY S23C02 - FIELD COAT -EXCLUSIVE-

'tensemble NY S23C02 - FIELD COAT -EXCLUSIVE-

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In New York, his experience in the world of couture has established a new way of expressing self-confidence by combining his own fabrics.

The combination of natural materials uses a wide variety of materials such as piping with silk and antique ribbons, dyed cotton materials, silk screens, and expresses a kind of beauty like painting a wide variety of painting materials.

Tensemble is made with a composition that allows you to feel the front and back, and the outer material is made to feel the silence, making it simple to feel the beauty of the silhouette and fabric.

On the other hand, when you look at the lining, you can feel the beauty that makes you feel more intense and strong than the fine details and the combination of fabrics.

This front and back are clothes that feel emotions, spiritual theory, and philosophy.


This time, it will be a limited model ordered in a bespoke color for the collection Rye model.

The color of the lining and sleeve lining has been changed to match the black color material.

small size Length 82cm Width 61cm Shoulder width 45cm Sleeve length 64cm (Height 160cm to 175cm)

M size Length 85cm Width 64cm Shoulder width 47.5cm Sleeve length 66cm ( Height 175cm to 180cm)

A feeling of size becomes slightly large made for import.

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