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The 2 Monkeys

The 2 Monkeys / Artisan Shirts TM81130 (INDIGO)

The 2 Monkeys / Artisan Shirts TM81130 (INDIGO)

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From the Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century (1800), men's shirts were underwear.
Perhaps for that reason, there are few design variations, and the large bodice and thick sleeves are gathered at the neck and sleeve ends.

The front and back of the body is made from a continuous piece of fabric so that the fabric can be used without waste and with a minimum of stitching.

When knitted underwear became popular in the 19th century, shirts began to evolve and came closer to the modern form, but many of them retained their previous appearance during this period. The 2 Monkeys artisan shirts are designed based on shirts from that era.

The front and back bodies are cut in one piece, following the style of the old shirt, but the shoulders are gusseted to match the body line.

The wide body is gathered at the collar with modest gathers and tucks, and the thick sleeves are also gathered and cuffed.

Instead of the pullover type that was common at the time, it has a front opening and a length that is easy to use.
While retaining the taste of the times, it has been arranged to be easy to match with modern styles.
The front collar has gathers and tucks, and the back has gathers. When the fabric is familiar, the drape will enter the body.



S Length 71.5cm Width 59cm Shoulder width 53cm Sleeve length 51.5cm

M. Length 73cm Width 60.5cm Shoulder width 54.5cm Sleeve length 53.5cm

L. Length 74.5cm Width 62.5cm Shoulder width 56cm Sleeve length 56cm

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