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The 2 Monkeys

The 2 Monkeys / French Work Blouse TM 81429 (Tabacco)

The 2 Monkeys / French Work Blouse TM 81429 (Tabacco)

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A denim jacket is an indispensable item for American casual.

Levi's 1st type that appeared in the early 20th century is popular, but as its predecessor
The company's famous 1880s jackets are called "denim blouses".
It seems that

This "blouse" is originally French (French reading is
loose). It was a term used to refer to a work coat.
From this, it is possible that the origin of the denim jacket can be traced back to France.

I found a photo that seems to be from the 1850s.

It is not certain whether the jacket worn in this photo existed before the Levi's "denim blouse", but it seems good to think that it leads to the denim jacket.

The French work blouse from The 2 Monkeys is a reproduction of this interesting jacket that can only be seen in the photo, which may be the roots of the denim jacket, in linen canvas material.



S Length 58cm Width 56cm Shoulder width 51.5cm Sleeve length 52cm

M. Length 60cm Width 58cm Shoulder width 53.5cm Sleeve length 53cm

L. Length 62.5cm Width 60cm Shoulder width 55cm Sleeve length 55cm

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