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The 2 Monkeys

The 2 Monkeys / Linen Wide Pants TM81332 (BLUE BLACK)

The 2 Monkeys / Linen Wide Pants TM81332 (BLUE BLACK)

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The 2 Monkeys

Linen Wide Pants (TM81332)

These high-waisted work pants are inspired by workwear from the Belle Epoque period, when French civilization and culture prospered from the end of the 9th century to the beginning of the 20th century .

Wide pants with a straight silhouette from the thick thighs to the hem.

The waist is a type that tightens with a strap, but it is also possible to remove the strap and use a narrow belt (width of 25 mm or less).

The belt loops hidden under the waist belt instead of the belt loops are designed to be difficult to recognize even when wearing a belt.

It is characterized by the simple and beautiful waist circumference of the pants of the era without belt loops.
A thick linen canvas material with a rough texture.



S waist 40cm rise 33cm inseam cm Watari 32cm hem width 22cm

M. Waist 42cm Rise 34cm Inseam cm Watari 33cm Hem width 23cm

L. Waist 44cm Rise 35cm Inseam 85cm Watari 34cm Hem width 24cm

XL Waist 46cm Rise 36cm Inseam 87cm Thickness 35cm Hem Width 25cm

180cm 73kg wearing size L

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