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From the tactical line of American sock maker "POINT6", functional crew socks with an ergonomic design and merino wool with excellent deodorizing and antibacterial effects are now available.

Designed with military use in mind, the tactical line is designed for comfort in harsh environments, such as deep heel pockets, seamless toes, arch support and cross-stretch to reduce fatigue. It is the ultimate pair that achieves a high level of comfort, durability, deodorizing and antibacterial effects.

About the excellent functions of merino wool socks and the features of Points (point six)

[1. Outstanding characteristics of merino wool socks]
Merino wool socks for outdoor use

Many people may think that wool socks are for outdoor use or only for winter. But those special uses aren't the only reason a good merino wool sock can show its amazing performance. Even in everyday use and even in summer, you can feel the amazing comfort and difference from products made from other materials.

Wool with excellent humidity control and quick drying properties. keep your feet dry
Wool is naturally a material with excellent moisture control and quick drying properties. It absorbs sweat and releases it quickly to the outside, keeping you dry and dry better than any other fabric, so you won't feel wet and uncomfortable.

The fact that wool's properties are particularly well-suited to the feet, which are parts of the body that sweat a lot, is also proven by the fact that many dress socks in Europe and the United States are made of wool.

It also has excellent heat insulation properties. This is the reason why they are warm and warm in the winter, but they can block the heat outside even in the summer, and the socks are effective in almost all seasons.

Keep the humidity in the fiber constant
Wool is said to have the property of keeping humidity below about 60% when worn.
This humidity is not only comfortable for humans, but it also suppresses the growth of bacteria, which begin to multiply at 70% or more humidity, keeps your feet clean, and suppresses the generation of odors.

It is not uncommon for outdoorsmen who spend many days on the field to wear the same socks for 3 or 4 days.
Merino wool, which is soft and comfortable to the touch Merino wool, which has long and thin fibers, feels good on the skin and is comfortable without itchiness.

By skillfully combining such merino wool materials with materials such as nylon to improve durability, we can create socks that are highly durable while taking advantage of the excellent properties that only wool has.

[2. Differences between Point6 and other companies]
Point 6, supreme merino wool socks
The Dukes of Peter and Patty. Made in Vermont, USA in the 1990s, their merino wool socks revolutionized the outdoor socks market. Since then, merino wool has become the dominant material for outdoor socks today.
There is a reason why the two, who sold the brand to a major company and retired once, decided to make new socks by themselves again. Many outdoor brands started making merino wool socks, and as they spread, the number of mediocre quality products increased, widening the gap between the quality they were aiming for.

"I wish I could be stronger and more functional" and "I wish I could be more comfortable with a smoother texture", the two of them decided to create new and highest quality merino wool socks. Brand.

There are several points that make Point6 different from many other merino wool socks and the sources of its quality superiority.

a) Using carefully selected fine merino wool of the highest quality from raw wool.

There are said to be 3000 breeds of sheep in the world.
Merino sheep are known for their high quality wool.
In particular, New Zealand products are recognized for their high quality.

At Point6, we carefully select farms that produce only high-quality merino wool from New Zealand, and only use raw wool from those farms, especially fine merino wool with fine fibers (12 to 24 microns). I'm using.

Of course, fine merino wool fibers also have variations in thickness. Point 6 believes that the unevenness of this fiber is the cause of the deterioration of the quality of socks (thin threads that are too thin are weak, and threads that are too thick are uncomfortable to the touch). increase. child
This has led to great improvements in product functionality and quality.

b) The compact span manufacturing method greatly improves durability.

After aligning the thickness and length of the raw wool as much as possible, it is made into yarn with a high density to suppress fluffing.
This is the compact span manufacturing method adopted by Point6.
Threads made with this method have less shedding and are 25% more durable than traditional ring-spun yarns.

With this manufacturing method, Point6 is more durable than traditional wool socks.
It is a product that realizes durability and can be used for a long time.

M 24cm to 26.5cm
L 27cm to 29cm
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