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Based on the LEE101 vintage from the 1940s, the fabric we arrived at after repeated trial and error is the same left twill denim with selvedge as the LEE101.

Long slub yarn blended with bima cotton is used to create a long vertical feeling.
The fabric is 13.5oz, carefully woven using a selvage loom without applying tension to the warp, but it is soft and comfortable to wear, unlike denim so far.

The weft thread is woven in more than normal denim to create a durable fabric. Sanforized processing is different from conventional sanforizing (pre-shrinking) processing, so that the texture of the fabric can be maximized and comfort is not impaired. (Shrink-proof) processed.

Regardless of the 1ST or 2ND type G jacket, use a vintage work jacket as the source and eliminate unnecessary items such as the shape of the pocket and the tuck on the back to make it look like a G jacket.

Also, in order to give it a slightly dull smell, we have adopted a single sleeve that is not found in G Jeans, but we added rivets to the opening of the sleeves and cuffs on the cuffs to make it look like a G Jean .

38 Length 62cm Shoulder width 47cm Width 56cm Hem width 54.5cm Sleeve length 60cm
40 Length 64cm Shoulder width 49cm Width 58cm Hem width 56.5cm Sleeve length 61.5cm
42 Length 666cm Shoulder width 51cm Width 60cm Hem width 58.5cm Sleeve length 62.5m

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